Here's A Coffee is a service which allows anybody, anywhere, to send any other person the gift of coffee. When a person receives a coffee gift, they are then able to go to any of our Here's A Coffee partner cafes and redeem their drink from a variety that is offered by the store.

Because everyone deserves the gift of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to gift a coffee?

Here's A Coffee was born from the desire of wanting to 'pay someone back' for something they had done, or just out of generosity. Often than not, 'let me buy you a coffee next time we meet' is a well intended gesture which can be difficult to fulfill based on the busyness of everyday life, or even because of physical distances between people. With Here's A Coffee, you can buy that person a coffee, no matter where they are, which they can redeem at their favourite coffee shop of their choosing, in their own time, on your behalf. The power of Here's A Coffee is that it's simple to 'pay it forward', or to repay a favour, or just to say 'Thanks!', without worrying about what the person's personal taste is, or where the person is.

What does a coffee gift voucher cost?

To make the service as flexible and simple as possible, we charge a regional flatrate for vouchers which is based on the average price of a single flat white in that area (with a little extra room so your recipient can redeem it for something worth a little more if desired). Because prices and coffee values differ from region to region, and the cost of the average flat whites can fluctuate over time, the price you will see will depend on the recipients region and on current market values.

I got an email saying that somebody gifted me a voucher.. now what?

Brilliant! Now that you have a voucher (the first of many, we're sure!) you're able to redeem them at any of our partner stores. To redeem your voucher, download and sign-in to the mobile app (available on iOS and Android), go to your store of choice from our network, make your way to the point of sale counter and tell them you're there to redeem your coffee. They will verify and process your voucher, serve up your coffee beverage of choice, and then high-fives for everyone as you enjoy your coffee thanks to your generous beneficiary! Couldn't be more simpler or more awesome if we tried (and believe us, we're always trying!).

how long are my gifted vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for up to 1 year from initial purchase date. We have this limitation due to the purchase value of the voucher becoming no longer able to redeem after yearly increases of goods. In the uncommon event that you are in possession of a voucher, and the value of the voucher has increased in value post-purchase due to economic fluctations, you will be given the option to 'top-up' your voucher to keep it in line with current voucher values and ensure you are able to still redeem it for a flatwhite in your region.

I am receiving gifted coffees, but I dont like coffee.. what should I do?

While the intention of the voucher is to be able to redeem it for a coffee, our partner shops are free to offer a variety of drinks at their discretion, so you might still find a beverage you would enjoy! However, if you wish to not be the recipient of any gifted coffees at all, you are able to 'opt-out' from the service in your account page.

What can I get with my voucher?

The voucher value is based around the average price of a flat white coffee in your region, and you should be able to always redeem it for a flatwhite at any of our partner stores. However, partner stores are free to offer any other selection of drinks at their discretion and you will more often than not find a menu of options with which you can redeem your voucher for.

Where can I redeem my vouchers?

Find all our partner stores on our map. Don't see your favourite coffee shop listed yet? Let us know about them so we can reach out to them! For every new and successful sign-up lead you supply us, you might find an extra voucher or 2 to redeem there on your account. ;)

There aren't any cafes near me for me to redeem at, what now?

While we are actively signing up as many shops as we can, we would appreciate if you could send us the details of any particular coffee shop(s) near you that you would like us to contact and sign-up. With your help, we hope to service every corner of our operational regions that we can.

When will 'Here's A Coffee' be available in my region?

Drop us a mail and let us know where you are, so we know where we should prioritise our launch next! Otherwise be sure to sign-up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be notified of when we're operating in your area!

I have a company and would like to offer this as a perk to my employees.. Possible?

Of course! We currently have companies already doing such things, which the employees love, so reach out to us to discuss options! (Even if you aren't the boss in this case, but would like to see this as a perk in your company, let us know and we will try make something happen!)